Jam N Jive Juniors provides Music & Movement Programs for a Weekly Incursion to your Pre School

We do this using age appropriate music, nursery rhyme, percussive instruments for all, sing along, dance play with props for all, parachute play and a whole bunch of imagination to music. We bring all of this to your Pre School or Childcare Centre.

 Jam N Jive Juniors’ focus is teaching kids how to move and play with a sense of rhythm and beat. We teach them musical phrasing, how to clap and count the beat in a bar, to recognize rhythm changes and how to use music to stimulate their imaginations. All the while having a ball, keeping active, being creative, appreciating music and learning new skills.

Jam N Jive Junior Programs are designed specifically for both boys and girls to enjoy, each program aligns with the different developmental stages, in order to maximise the engagement and enjoyment of each child.


Lisa Sontag- Creator of Jam N Jive Juniors 

With over 20 years experience as a dance /singing teacher, and having performed in over 10 professional musicals, most recently the Australian tour of Les Miserables, your children are in the best possible hands to learn the joys of the wonderful world of Music & Movement!!


Stimulate Learning, Build Confidence and Harness Their Energy, with a Magical Mix of Rhythm, Musical Instruments, Song and Dance!




We have Weekly Incursion Class time slots available for Term 1, 2, 3 and 4 for 2017.

You can book what suits your Centre:

JUST CALL 0421 641 646   


TESTIMONIALS: We are currently teaching Music & Movement in seven Pre schools around the Sutherland Shire, here is what they have to say about the Jam N Jive Juniors Programs !!! 

The Jam N Jive Juniors program is looked forward to each and every week at our centre. The children really engage in the music and movement aspect of this program which allows them to get so much out of it. Lisa is fantastic with the children and they respond to her extremely well. The resources Lisa brings with her are amazing and the children are very excited to see what they will be doing each week."

-Shani Tipene, Nominated Supervisor- Oyster Bay Pre School Kindergarten

 "I think the Jam and Jive sessions with Lisa have been fantastic! The children’s faces light up when they see her walk in. They all listen so well and really engage in the activities. It’s great to see even the quieter ones get involved and jump up for a little dance! Thank You!"
 -Silvia Mikhail, Director- Little Scribblers Early Learning Centres
Peakhurst / Sutherland / Belmore / Brookvale

"Jam N Jive Juniors is just what our kindy needed. The children get excited every Tuesday knowing Lisa is coming. They all enjoy the music, instruments and dancing around the room with Lisa. Thank you Lisa for making Tuesdays fun for the children and giving them something to look forward to each week. Looking forward to next Term!"

- Nicole, Director- Mimis Kindergarten Cronulla


Here's what my mums have to say about Jam N Jive Juniors:

 "My 22mo daughter Madeleine LOVES her Jam N Jive Juniors class. She is so engaged by the music, variety of instruments and storytelling given by head teacher Lisa, that it's become the highlight of our week. I can't recommend Jam N Jive Juniors more for mums looking for a fun and musical experience for their little ones."

-Sophie Carter



Fun & Learning through MUSIC & MOVEMENT PROGRAMS

Babies Program-

All the little ones in your babies room, have their first taste of musical instruments, nursery rhyme, song and actions, with our introduction program to percussive instruments, sing-along repetition and the use of props (parachute play, ribbons and scarves), to explore and appreciate music.


Under 3 years Program-

At this pre-schooler stage, we focus on developing your 1.5 - 3 year old’s sense of rhythm through repetition, percussive instruments, actions, sing alongs and fun imaginative play. It is carefully structured to enhance your child's proper development and strengthen their ability to listen, concentrate and engage, all under the guise of fun, music exploration, dance and imagination.


Over 3 years Program-

At the school readiness age, we teach the children musical phrasing, how to clap and count the beat in a bar, to recognize rhythm changes and how to use music to stimulate their imaginations. All the while having a ball, keeping active, being creative, appreciating music and learning new skills.



  • 1x half hour class for Under 3 years is $40 (flat rate, not per child)

  • 1x half hour class for Over 3 years is $40 (flat rate, not per child)


     Total hourly visit= $80 per week


    (if you would also like a babies class as well, this is also $40 for the half hour)


  • Each term a new Jam N Jive Juniors Program theme is introduced to keep learning new and fresh for the children. For example: "The Animal Kingdom", "Over the Rainbow", "Lets go to the Movies" and "Festive Fun" with more to follow.
  • We prefer between 15-20 kids per class, we can negotiate if there are more, but less is best.
  • Classes are held between 8:30-12pm or after nap 2-4pm. You choose the day and time that suits you and we'll try to fit you in!



  • Send us an enquiry (CLICK FOR ENQUIRIES- below), or CALL Lisa directly on 0421 641 646
  • A 30 min. free trial class is available.
  • Programs commence and finish according to NSW school terms. (mid-term enrolments are welcome also).
  • Approximately 10 weeks per program.
  • We invoice weekly (or can discuss whatever payment system suits your centre.)
  • Casual program visits are subject to availability, please enquire also: 0421 641 646


  • We come to your Centre and bring everything we need with us (no power source needed), all you provide is enough space for the entire group to sit in a circle and perhaps to march/move/bounce around the room to music.
  • Outdoors or indoors is fine, just move some furniture/equipment to the side.


If your centre has annual Open Days or Easter/Christmas concerts for families to visit the centre, if you let us know at the start of the term Program, we can teach the children a musical number to perform for their families, so they can enjoy and see their child’s participation and learning within the Jam N Jive Juniors Program. It also looks very good for your centre to have a program display : )

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